UiPath Robot Guide

About Licensing

To fast-track your deployment time and easily manage activation from a centralized location, Robot and Studio licensing is available in Orchestrator, on a per tenant basis. You can see the remaining available licenses, per type, and when you are due for a renewal, in the Settings page.

First, you need to activate and upload your license to Orchestrator, as explained here. Afterwards, all you need to do to activate a Robot license is to connect it to Orchestrator. For Studio, you first need to activate the license locally and then connect it to Orchestrator through its Robot.

Each time a license is consumed, it is reflected, per type, in the Settings page, in the License tab.

Types of Licenses

  • Attended - This type of license is dependant on the number of users available and connected to Orchestrator, on a given machine, be it a High-Density environment or not. For example, if you have 10 users on a machine and they are all connected to Orchestrator as Attended Robots, then 10 Attended licenses are consumed.
  • Unattended - If High-Density is not enabled on your Robot machines, this license is only dependant on the number of machines you connect to Orchestrator, regardless of the number of users it has. For example, if you have 3 machines, each with 10 users, and connect all of them to Orchestrator as Unattended Robots, only 3 licenses are consumed. If you have High-Density enabled, then each robot (machine-user combination) consumes an Unattended license when connected to Orchestrator. In the above example, 30 licenses are consumed.
  • Development - This type enables you to license Studio through Orchestrator, if you first activate the local license on Studio. Please note that it uses the same user-license logic as for Attended Robots, yet it is the only type of Robot that enables you to start debugging in Studio.
  • NonProduction - License that should be used only for development and testing purposes. Please note that it uses the same user-license logic as for Unattended Robots.


Starting with 2018.1.1, community users have access to 2 Development Robots. If you used the Community Edition of Orchestrator prior to this version, your Robot type was automatically changed.

About Licensing