UiPath Robot Guide

The User Interface

After you install and run the Robot, an icon Robot_icon is displayed in the system tray. Clicking this icon displays the UiPath Robot tray.

The UiPath Robot tray enables you to:

  • view all the available automation processes
  • start processes
  • view the running processes and stop them, as in the following screenshot
  • view and download processes that have a newer version available, or that need to be downloaded and unpacked locally - marked with the update update_process icon
  • view the status connection to Orchestrator
  • open the UiPath Robot Settings window
  • open logs
  • connect the Robot to Orchestrator

For more information, see the field descriptions for the Robot tray.

The Robot system tray icon color indicates its connection status with Orchestrator, as follows:

  • white when not connected
  • blue when the connection is established
  • red when an error is encountered, such as the UiPath Robot service being stopped

Additionally, hovering over the icon displays its status, as in the following screenshots.

disconnected             connected             connection_error


If your Robot is not connected to Orchestrator, the available processes displayed are the ones that are saved in the %ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages folder.

Closing the Robot tray does not close the UiPath Robot service.