UiPath Robot Guide

Using a Shared Packages Folder

By default, packages are downloaded in the C:\Users\%username%\.nuget\packages folder. This location can be specified when you install Studio from the Command Prompt. It can even be set to a shared network folder. However, a Robot installed as a Windows Service on a different machine can not download the packages, because it does not have sufficient privileges to do so.

Let’s assume that the Robot is installed as a Windows Service on MachineA, and packages are located in the Packages shared folder on MachineB.

Observed Behavior

The "System.IO.IOException: An unexpected network error occurred." error is thrown whenever the Robot installed as a Windows Service on MachineA tries to download packages from the Packages shared folder on MachineB. Moreover, the ”The specified network name is no longer available” error is thrown if Read/Write privileges are granted on the shared folder for MachineA.


When Robot Windows Service needs to install the packages from the shared folder mapped on MachineB it tries to write files in the shared folder and secure them only for the LocalSystem account on MachineA. Because the folder is on MachineB, which users its own LocalSystem account, the Packages folder can not be secured on MachineA by its own LocalSystem account.


By installing the Robot in user mode on MachineA, you prevent the necessary files from being secured strictly on MachineA, thus becoming available to all machines on the network. The Robot can be installed in user mode from the Studio Setup, or through command line parameters.


By doing this, the XAML files are NO LONGER SECURED and can be accessed by all machines on the network.